Busy day, makes the peace go away?

Big day

It’s been one of those days.  
My son had to dance at school.  That didn’t go too well.  It was cute to see, but he did not move an inch the whole time.  They had put some face paint on and he did not enjoy that. So when we went to get him, he cried for us to get it of cause it was dirty.  Secretly smiling we did what he asked. 
Later on the day my boyfriend and dog had a competition. They did great.  It could have been better, but we are not nitpicking.  90 points gave him a fifth place in the competition.  So that made us proud.
Anyhow, if I find myself a good posture I’ll write some more words.  Yesterday I made it onto word count 7000.  That’s 7000 on my second chapter.  Yay me!
All that was fun and all, but now just sitting is very painful.  I am trying to find myself a way to stand, sit or a more vertical posture, that can relieve a bit of the pain.  But I’m not excelling in that.  
We are all making fun of the noises I make while trying to move around the house.  I feel less like a 34 year old and more like triple my age.