Daughters first shots!

Another Monday?

My daughter had to get her first shots today.  The poor thing is feeling a bit under the weather now.  
I almost cried, seeing her so sad at the doctors office.  But when I got to hold her again, she was easily soothed.  That actually makes me feel rather good.
I’m counting down the days until the start of school for my eldest.  Why?  Because it’s time that we get some time off from each other. We love one another, but have been together 24/7 in the past two months.  time for a break
I have not been writing, mainly because I am to tired or do not have the time. So that’s disappointing.  But I have been thinking a lot about why and how I write.  That gave me a few more questions I could ask, to open up the conversation on my campnano group.
Who knows maybe one day I might even ask the most amazing right question, and get famous for doing so!