Kids and house and work and love and…


After a full day of running around the house, I’m finally sitting in my sofa looking at a comedy program, writing this post and rocking my girl in her rocking chair.  So when I realized, what I was doing, I thought man we do multitask a lot in life.

And then I thought about a sketch of Michael McIntyre. When he talks about the difference between people with and without children.  He was damn right.
Everything is multitasking, splitting yourself, talking kids talk, running around.  Even the little things in life, like going to the toilet or making a sandwich became part of multitasking. While one is trying to help you, while almost falling down the chair he just pushed against the counter, and the other one is screaming for attention.
The problem with multitasking is, that often I feel that a task is only half done.  So when one went to bed and the other one is still for a moment, I seem to finish tens of half done tasks and then one of them cries and there goes my moment of relaxing.
Can’t complain, cause it was my choice and I do love my kids to peaces.  I tell them that everyday.  We hug a lot and I am glad that they will grow up knowing how much they are loved, but sometimes I do miss the moments of relaxing,  is that terrible?

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