Projects: My inner roadmap

On a crossroad to the right path!

While thinking about my next project I realize I should not try to put to much into one story.  What I mean is, I do not have to use a time laps, if I just write everything out more deeply, I get to write two story’s.

I wont go into the details but I can actually break up the ideas in my head into two story’s, what will make my story more interesting and profound I think. 
Ideas like that do not fall out of the sky, they build up in my head, while I imagine my characters and their lives.   The feeling is not an eureka moment but more like a realization that this is the way to go.  
It feels good, not like jumping up and down of joy good, but just enough to think, I’m on the right track.
Have you ever had that feeling and what does it do to you?