Kids and pain and remedy’s

Can a kiss make the pain go away?!

I feel absolutely horrible.  Hurting almost everywhere and having kids to take care of, is not a pleasant combination.  While the physical part is bad enough, feeling like failing my kids is even worse. And when my three year old, comes to give me a kiss to make mommy’s pain go away, I honestly do not know whether to cry or to laugh.

I love my kids and would really bite away any pain to give them a normal, happy mom.  But behind my tiered smileF78WlUGs they always seem to find out, how I truly feel.

It’s hard for me to concentrate and that leads to stupid mistakes, like burning the meat or forgetting to put coffee powder into the coffee machine before putting it on.  I guess that makes driving the car is out of the question.

How do I translate this experience into something to write?  I’ll think about this one hard and promise to come back on it.