Challenge Nanowrimo!


Last year I learnt about Nanowrimo.  It is a project that makes people write.  A ton of people from all around the world join in to write in November.  The goal is 50.000 words per person. It is ridiculous but got me warm.  Though last year didn’t go so well, cause I realized I was pregnant the day after the starting party.  It was horrible.  A lot of throwing up, and feeling miserable.  I ended November on 13.000 words.  So at campnano in April I gave it another go.  This time with a lesser goal.  Witch I did reach.  In November I really loved the chat sessions, word sprints and conversing with people in your own area.  The April version I loved, because of the personal goals and the chance to meet complete strangers.  At this moment I still have contact with some of the people I got to meet.  People who do not live around here, but all have the same passion: Writing!!

I will be joining this year!  for more more info on the project go to:
To everyone who wants a challenge, while people cheer you on, this is a great opportunity!!


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