Little helper that might give me a heartattack

A new day, a new start?  

Well if anything it’s a very slow one.

The carnival is in town for two weeks and we went with our children.  It’s fun watching them from the sidelines, smiling and having fun on the different rides and games.

My son loved the merry gMerry_Go_Round_by_Aurelia24o round, but staying seated during the ride, isn’t his best feature.  I was holding my heart the whole ride.  He is a bit too exited to keep calm and seated, so his dad had to go on with him.  It’s a bit funny to watch such a tall, grown man on the ride, but at least he didn’t fall off.

Today while dad and our dog went for their training, I stay home with the kids, we have been coloring, playing with the cars.  But to be honest I could go for another nap just like our baby Eleanor.

No time for something like that though, I still have to fold the laundry and make diner.  I hope it will go well, seeing how I’ve been in pain and fighting sleep, the whole day.  Luckily I have a wonderful little helper.