A question about normal life

Clean house?

I totally am not an ideal housewife.
The kitchen does not love me, the folding looks different every week, the papers tend to pile up and the windows are very happy to see my mom come by with her wiper.  Then what do you do, you ask?  The little amount of energy I have, I spend on my kids.  They come first in every thing.  Most moms love shopping.  I do not enjoy it so much.  And when I do buy, it’s more often, for the kids. happy-housewife

Translating this into my writing made me think about a lot of stuff.  Do my characters have bills to pay, cleaning to do or laundry to fold?  And how good of a kitchen prince/es are they?  Are there things they leave to others and who do they leave it to?  And to finish this of: Do they forget about themselves for anyone?  Who and why?