A question of religion.

Believing in myself?

Today some thoughts about religion, a rather delicate subject, I believe!
Let me start with my own thoughts: I do believe!
I don’t like the church, have rather little faith in politics and feel very strong that everyone should be able to chose their own path.
funny.pho.to_vintage_memoriesHowever I do not feel that my believe in something, is life changing.  It doesn’t heal me, it does not make me a better person.
I believe a lot of others find comfort in religion.  And that is great.  If that is what you feel is necessary for you to live a good life, I think that’s your prerogative.
What I do not believe, is pushing your own feelings or goals on to someone else.  That defeats the purpose of believing.

All that being said, in the project I am working on, religion is important, and it does make me think twice about everything that is going on in the world.  And how I want to handle the conflict in my story.

But I find it hard to understand some people.  A point I believe is one of my strongest is empathy.  No matter if I think something is right or wrong, if I can understand a little, I feel like there is a way for me to respect that person as being a person free from his or her actions.
Lately it seems as if I can’t find any common ground, and that scares me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so much scared of others, but of my own incapability of being true to my believes.  So I am thinking hard and long how to express these things in my story.

How about you?