A question about best friends.

Woof, meow or a combination of the two?

I have a dog.  A Malinois to be precise.  Although he can be nervous and noisy, funny.pho.to_vintage_french_book
He is not only our best friend, but he has been there since the beginning of my health problems.  So as you can imagine, he is important, a part of our family.
When I feel sad or have a fit, he calms me down, tries to comfort me.  When the kids cry, he comes to us, to let us know.  He obviously loves us all in his own way.

Maybe it’s a good idea to give your character a pet, a best friend.  Think about these: Does it have special features, what is it’s purpose, do they have a history? It does not have to be a dog or a cat, maybe it’s an owl, or a rat, who know it might even be a unicorn.  Let your imagination run free.
It might not like some people or things, like loud noises or some kind of smell. Is it an animal that is kind to most people or actually rather withdrawn?  What kind of care does it need?  Does it shed hair, is it easy to remove?  What doe they eat?

If you want to use a pet, think about a lot of things.  And when it is always around, it’s important not to leave it behind in your story.

So, are your ready to adopt a pet yet?