Wednesday, can be so long!

Break time!

funny.pho.to_water_colorWednesday, means that I have two children at home from twelve o’clock.
I must say I’m getting better at entertaining both my children at the same time.  It’s at the expense of my warm cup of thee or coffee and I sitting on the floor doesn’t do me any favors.  But heck as long as they enjoyed it, I can ask for some peace later on.
Realizing that Nano is coming up I thought about how much prep I still want to do. I hope I get the chance, cause with all these diapers and crying hours, I sometimes just wanna sleep.  Sleep is rather sparse right now, but don’t mind me, I’m going on like I always do.

It’s taken me an hour and a half to write this post, and it looks like I better end this, cause I’ve got another one crying.  It’s gonna be a long and tiring evening.


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