Break down

Outside the sun is shining, but it’s too cold for me
I’ve been holding on for so long
now it is obvious to seefunny.pho.to_color_pencil_sketch

The face in the mirror is pail and and shows fatigue
Others moms are buzzing
they are in a whole different league

I feel left behind by myself and by my health
My kids are my lifeline
my only piece of wealth

I wish I could go running, or dance out all frustration
but my sport loving character
has taken a long vacation

I try to be positive and am happy with what I’ve got
but sometimes I just cry
for the millionth thing I forgot

I’m not yet halfway thirty, a mom in every way
But this damn bad health
apparently is here to stay

With all this crying, I hope I do not bother you
It’s just that I’m in so much pain
that I don’t know what to do!!!