About my project: Meet Vivienne Adaï!


Nothing in her life could ever have prepared Vivienne for this feeling.
It was not happiness, she did not feel relieve.  Instead her whole mind and body, for just this moment, felt utterly peaceful.
Never in this life had she been this calm.  Nothing anyone told her, nothing she could imagine, was anything like this.

It lasted far to short!

As she stood up from the bed with her newborn baby in the arms, she could hear screams and shouting in the corridor.
With all the care the new mother could muster, Vivienne rapped the baby into a sheet, that she bound to her body.
Barefooted, Vivienne walked up to the window, opening it.  Looking down she felt the cold breeze and for a moment she hesitated.  But as the lever on the door was being opened, she jump out into the safety of the darkness down they alley.
A sharp pain in her feet and belly made her sway for two seconds, but as soon as it stopped, she stood up and ran as fast as she could, holding the small child even closer to her body.  Breathing heavily she kept telling herself: don’t look back, don’t look back!


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