About my project: Meet Franklin Adaï!

He has not felt this nervous for a long time.  And it’s ridiculous, he is only picking up his sister from the train station.
Sure, they haven’t seen each other in years.  But, he just can’t help feeling overjoyed.

For the thirtieth time, or something, Franklin pulls his coat strait.
Suddenly he feels terrified.  What if she doesn’t recognize him or he her?  What if they don’t gfunny.pho.to_color_pencil_sketch (1)et along?  Or what if she blames him for their fathers….   He shakes his head, as to trow away those thoughts.
Cause, there is nothing he can change. The past is the past, and the rest….  We shall see what happens, at least she agreed to come to his wedding.

Again his thoughts wander.  I hope Vivienne will like my fiancee.  I hope they get along.  I want them both to be a big part in my life.  They are the only family I have left, and I want to keep them close to me.

When he first wrote a letter to his sister, four years ago he never hoped that she would write him back.  But she did.  Bit by bit, letter by letter, they got to know each other again.  Vivienne, wrote honestly and sometimes she gave harsh remarks, but he felt that she made those, because she cared.  He just hoped that he was right.

As the train drove into the station he looked at every window that past him by, and at the fourth window he saw her.  In that small second she smiled at him.  And that smile made him feel relaxed.  All the anxiousness, seemed to flow away.  He moved along the almost parked train and looked at the door closest to the window she was at.  but when he got there he could not find her.  Was he wrong, was that smile his imagination?

But then he heard his name.  And as he turned around, he saw the spitting image of his late mother.  He ran as fast as he could and then hugged her as no grown man, would feel comfortable hugging a family member.  But as he did that a tear ran down his face.  Finally he got to see his big sister again!
And the she returned the hug.  It felt as if he became a small child again, he broke down and cried.