A question about: promising what you can’t deliver!

Send from here to there and then back again?

Today I have to attend a meeting with someone from an agency, that should help me look for work.
I have a working disability, we are looking for adapted work.  Witch seems even harder to find then a needle in a haystack.
In the last six years I have heard from so many official that they where going to help me.  But until now not one has succeeded and all gave up.  So forgive me for not being very motivated at the moment.  Handling two kids, housework, pain and fatigue aren’t enough.  Now I get to swallow refusal, disappointment and failure.  Do not worry, I have become very good and elegant at it, it just sucks!337c73eb_o

So dreading the meeting with the official, I thought about how others feel about the whole system and why.  How can I use my frustrations in my story?  And how do I portray the official who tries but then fails?

Do you use officials in your story?  Are they an embellishment of what is commonly thought?  Maybe your character is an official and how does this person feel about failing, what are the reasons of failing?

How frustrated are your characters with the local system?