About my project: A different way of writing

Changing pace

I’m thinking of writing something different for a change.  In manga you  hear stuff funny.pho.to_color_pencil_sketch (2)about phone novels and stuff like that. And writing my preparations, I went on thinking that it might be nice, trying out a whole story in bits and pieces. Every part told by a different character.  I don’t know if it’s any good.  But It might be a good change of pace for me and my busy life.

I don’t exactly know if it will be any good, or if it is even a possibility, but I’d like to think more about it and maybe try it out. There are probably a lot of difficulties, in that sort of writing, but what to do.  I’m so used to doing things the hard way, that when it goes to well, I get worried, it goes wrong.

What else to report?  I have come up to another fork in the story.  Wondering what way to go.  That’s easy I can think about it when I go to bed an wonder work on it wen my son has gone to school.

Any thoughts? Tips?


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