About life: warning: 2 tired 2 drive!

There go my savings.

I finally broke down, or my car did.  After a very short night with to children, I forgot my keys of the house.  So I went to meet my mother, who has a spare set, after droppingfender_bender off my son at school.  While trying to park I did seem to be able to focus and I hit another car.  I went to look for the owner, and it seemed that I knew him.  He was kind enough to help me trough but I feel horrible.  I have been driving for over fifteen years and this is my first fender bender.

After that my muscles tensed up and I felt even more tired.  Luckily my boyfriend came home to help me.  Now sitting in the sofa, I realize that I could have done much more damage and I am telling myself never to drive when tired again.  I kept thinking what if something happened to the baby.

So I will be taking it slow the rest of the day and hope I feel better soon.