About life: Creating a smile

A day of mayhem turned into a week of pain.

After the fender bender I had on Tuesday, my son came home with a bloody nose and then it started.  All my muscles just decided not to like me anymore.  I felt an amazing amount of pain.
And then a little boy looked up to me crying because his nose hurt.  I have never bitten trough the pain, like this before.  And then they say: “What we don’t do for our children.”  It’s true, I don’t think I can imagine something I wouldn’t do for my kids.
I just wonder how long I can hold on.

funny.pho.to_pastel_drawing_vs_photographyMy son saw my car and, when he heard I had an accident he came hugging.  After that he said the car needed to go to the doctor to get better.  It ‘s funny how that little man can easily steal a smile out of me.
His sister looks a lot like him in that way.  She laughs so easily and the sounds she started making are hysterical.  But the thing that makes me smile most is seeing how their father play with them.

Al thought the pain makes me grumpy and feel very old, I also feel blessed. As long as I don’t look in the mirror.