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Life, Writing and now reading

Soon I will start a different way of writing on my blog.  Instead of daily I will post twice a week.reading-book
Topics?  Life and writing.  But what I would like to do is ad a new subject and that is reading.  While you can not expect me to read a whole book in half a week, with everything that is going on.  I do think it would be nice to read page, or a chapter, maybe a poem or a special post, and then write about my personal opinions.

What’s good about that?
Well, one more reader, a link to your blog, page, or work.  And who knows it might be another step to more people getting to know you.  And no, I don’t ask money, there is no hidden agenda, except for me wanting to learn more by reading and writing.

Interested?  Send me a message by commenting or mail me at denise.claas@gmail.com.