About writing: A Lethal weapon look a like?

Does your character look like Martin Riggs? 6ab013a3_o

Struggling with my body and the pain it causes, I wonder how do others cope with it.  How far can and would someone go, while in pain?
you often see courageous stuff in the movies, saving the world while their arm is almost a goner, all battered up and bloody.  But realistically I wonder what it is really like.  So I started wondering about a scene I wrote where my character got shot.
As I have never been shot, I can only do research on it or imagine it.  So how lifelike is that really?

How much pain can a character handle, and is that about the same for everyone.  Does the pain remain the same, or does it grow worse.  Has he/she ever felt like that and is it the first time getting this kind of injury.  What can he/ she still do and what is impossible.  Is there something or someone they would gladly move past the pain?  How does he or she react on the sight of blood and what is a good pain reliever for your character?

All these and more questions to be answered.

More coming up later!!