About writing: Fashion fantasy, or fantasy fashion?

We are confronted with fashion all around us.  In magazines, tv, blogs, stores,…  So fashion must be important.  What to do if you have no fashion sense, or just prefer comfi clothes.    And what about how we dress our characters in our projects?  Do we do research and is there a trend to be found even there? A fantastic topic for my new styled blog-post.  

“Where to start?” is my first sentence on this topic.  Seeing as I don’t
really know much about fashion.  

I decide to check pinterest with the markers fashion and fantasy.  What I get is an eclectic bunch of pictures. Women posing in long ladylike dresses.  Soon it is clear to me that I’m not going to find male clothing here.  
Another thing that I notice, is that most of the pictures shown, are full length dresses.  
What surprises me is the lack of unity in colors.  Anything seems to be game, although dark blues, white, and green are more frequently portrait.  That does get me thinking about what colors I use in my writings.  

When adding the word men to my search I get a whole different outcome.  A lot of vests and leather.  Also black, green and brown are the most used colors here.  Many of the clothes seem to have some kind of relation to a function or job.
Often the fashion used looks as it is taken straight out of the middle ages.  Sometimes it’s no more than small hints, and then there are the complete copies, out of the past.

That being said, uniforms make a rather fashionable appearance in fantasy.   We all remember the school uniform from Hogwarts or the working uniforms of the federation where Star Trek is part of.  And then there are typical elements that return.  A wizard’s hat or the black color in an vampire’s outfit.  

So it got me wondering: How original are we in our fashion sense? Do we choose the fashion in our works because of reasoning behind color and functionality or do we go with what we know and just use the things we can find around us in life, internet and books?

To be continued….