About writing: A mystery called magic

In modern fantasy, we have learnt to change our surroundings by using the force, waving our wands, chanting a spell or clicking our heels.   

I wave my hands and hope some answers magically appear.  But Apparently I am not paranormal enough. Is magic then, totally make believe or is it based on scientific evidence?  
In many novels that embrace fantasy, magic is used.  However, it does not always use the same face.  Sometimes it looks like a fairy godmother, other times it’s more like Einstein’s evil successor.  

So what is magic really?  

A google search got me this explanation.

“The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

The explanation sounds good, but doesn’t give me a nice and fuzzy feeling, so I decide to find myself an answer to a new and shining question: how would I define magic?