About my projects: preparing for Nano!

Preparing for Nano!  Everyone has his or her way. 

You make yourself a survival kit.  Or prepare your story for writing.  Some read up on their favorite authors and others buy them selves a big pack of pencils.  Me?  I do worsprints?  I set my timer for five minutes and write, those five minutes without thinking or changing my mistakes.  Why? It feels like an athletics meet for writers.  It’s like stretching my mind, my fingers and numming my criticism.
Everyday I try to do at least one of these sprints.  just for five minutes.  It might be about my day, or a frustration.  About something I saw on tv or my son said.  Like right now, I am writing about wordsprinting.  I probably faulter in grammar and spelling , but that is of no importance.  It is just an exercise in writing what you think about.  Maybe even not think about.  The words just flow straight out of my fingers on to the page.  And that my friends, is one of the most important things of this exercise.  Just letting go of what you think is right and wrong, no more looking at the red markings your spellingcheck is leaving behind.  But in all peace,  just write!  I just want to write.  I want to write!

I keep thinking about just wanting to write.  While my baby is asleep and my son is at school I have the opportunity to write.  I need to make shore not to get sidetracked. Like reading my mail or someone elses blog.  Looking for pictures that make me visualize my story more or reading up on what’s different on using Scrivener.   No matter how many times I open up my computer I always seem to do things I don’t really need to do.  And still I just want to write.

These words are probably the worst post you have ever read, but it doesn’t matter, cause by now you probably understand, very well what the pro and the cons on wordsprints are.  Why don’t you try one yourself?

Good luck to you all and to all a good write!!



  1. Good luck with NaNo! 🙂


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