About writing: Is it really in the air?

Butterflies in your belly, sticky hands or a pounding heart.  And no, it’s not a heart attack.
Most of us have been in love or feel love.  So the symptoms are clear.  
But does falling in love feel the same to everyone?

How do you fall in love?  Is it love at first site, friendship first, dating, testing, blind dates, hate that grows into love,….  And why does one fall in love with someone?  

If we use romance and love in our projects, it might be helpful to answer these and other questions.

  1. What kind of a love am I writing about?
    1. a crush
    2. first love
    3. love at first site
    4. old love revisited
  2. How did they meet?
    1. at school
    2. at work
    3. at party or public place
  3. Is it or has it always been mutual love?
  4. Who chased who?
  5. Is there romance, love, lust?  Remind yourself of the difference between the three of them.
  6. How do they show love?  (sweet talking or pulling hairs)
  7. Do they change their appearance, because of love?
  8. And how does it change their way of life?
  9. Do they meet up often?  How do they feel about that?
  10. Are they going fast, or taking it rather slow?

It might also be interesting to think about what you feel comfortable writing about?  Even for us writers it is an intimate theme.  So are you writing about how they feel or are you also thinking about how they touch and do you write out everything or do you skip the steamy parts?

Think and maybe try out, you might possibly surprise yourself.

To be continued…


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