About writing: What’s in a name?

I have been using a pseudonym for the past six years.  When I tell people, I often get a bunch of questions thrown at me. But one of my writing buddies made a valid point, telling me how it can be an interesting subject.

There is a lot to be found on the subject, so I briefly read through some of it.
Apparently, most use a pseudonym because their name does not suit the genre or they have the same name as an existing author.  I took on this name, not because I wanted to be cool, or feel like Robin Hobb, Stephen King, Jack Higgins, Barbara Michaels or Alistair MacLean. To me it is like putting on a suit, that makes me feel creative.  Oh, and yeah, with stuff like health and job thingies in the way, I thought it would be safer.  

You might think, wow you got to find yourself a new name. It took me a while to pick one.  I dare you, … Go ahead think of a name and then make it your own.  I mean really,…  bond with it.  I found it was harder than I thought.  So in my search for a name I looked for something that made it my own.   
Why did I make this choice?  I wanted the first two letters of each name to be mine!  I could have gone for something more universal, but I am not pretentious enough to act as if I’m anything but from Flanders, Belgium. So it had to sound Dutch at least.  

Will it stick?  Did I make a good choice?  I have no idea.  Maybe some find it offensive, other might find it interesting. It might even be a good subject to talk about.  But I am, without a doubt Denise Claas.  

Who are you?


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