About my Projects: Nano challenges!

Looking for some writing challenges to get it going?  Here is some help.

  1. Include these Monday

    – That must be a black hole. – Put away the smelly cheese – I don’t do a cappella – Point that somewhere else please – Even dogs must sleep – I can’t find a tree in this forest – It is not my size – I saw it in the mirror – My mama said – knowing me knowing you

  2. Beat your high score Tuesday

    Do a wordsprint for five minutes and check your word count.  Try and brake your personal high score.

  3. Random words Wednesday   

    Use a random word.  Here’s something to help you pick.  http://listofrandomwords.com/

  4. Make this appear Thursday 

    – crayon – wheelchair – tissue – baby oil – laundry basket – flashlight – wrench – gummybear – pencil

  5. Alien technology Friday

    Think up a new technology that your character is going to use.

  6. change your genre Saturday

    Pick a genre and write your story in that genre for 500 words.  – children’s book – romance – science fiction – fantasy – detective – thriller – journal – poetry ,…

  7. Take a break Sunday

    Pick a scene and rewrite it with: – a disability – as a high-school student  – being an animal – in a restaurant,….

Good luck and have some fun. Do you have suggestions?  Let me know!!


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