About my projects: Bedtime Rhyming with my son!

On a chilly Monday morning
when she just got out of bed
the pumpkin pie princess
put socks on her feet and a hat on her head

As she left her little palace
with the sun on her cheeks
The pumpkin pie princess
took her wand in her hand like she practiced for weeks

Waving and chanting
the spell from the book
the pumpkin pie princess
went to the fields for a closer look

orange balls grew from the ground
Everywhere that she could see
the pumpkin pie princess
smiled at the site and jumped before she fell on one knee

right down at  her elegant feet
she found the one that did not grow
the pumpkin pie princess
tapped it twice and it was filled with a beautiful glow
So when the sun finally went down
and it was already night
he pumpkin pie princess
wasn’t scared when she put out the light
When fall ended and winter arrived
the glow seemed to fade
Our pumpkin pie princess
felt sad, for the friend that came to her aide

She promised, when the season came back
she ‘d look at her elegant feet
The pumpkin pie princess
so hoped  that they would still be able to meet

But never did she see again
a pumpkin that round and small
our pumpkin pie princess
every year, told the story of a glowing ball

Every year when the time has come
and leaves begin to fall
all pumpkin pie princesses
practice their spells and look for a tiny one that’s round as a ball.