Oct. writing: finish this!

in an apartment building with 24 apartments, there are 25 postboxes. Daisy mails a letter in the wrong bus. When she wants to take it back, the mailbox opens,and her letter is gone, what happens next? 

Daisy looks inside the box. Even puts her hand in it. But nothing’s there.

Baffled she closes the door again.
Shaking her head, she starts walking away, not really caring about the damn letter her mother made her post.
When suddenly a crackling sound, coming from inside the box, makes her stop
Turning around on her toes, Daisy looks at it as if she has seen a ghost.
As soon as she had the ‘kind of creepy’-feeling, Daisy realized that it must be her imagination.
But goosebumps arise when a tapping sound, springs from inside the box. Hesitantly, the young girl, holds out her hand to open the box. Just before she reaches it, she pulls back.  She must be going mad. But even then why take any risk?  The letter is of no importance and the box isn’t hers.  But her hand is already reaching out, thinking this is a very bad idea…

The box was opened, before She knew it. Something seemed to compel her. When looking inside the box, she found a note. It wasn’t the letter, Daisy had posted, but an old looking piece of paper, folded into two. Looking around, she found no one in the vicinity so she slowly went for the piece of paper. It felt grainy and as if it was covered in dust.
Opening the letter, she felt her heart pound like drums in on of her favorite songs. The first thing she noticed was the elegant writing that was pasted on the paper. She read out loud: “Who are you?”