Oct. writing 1.3 finish this!

The war has been going on for far to long, if even a young boy like Robyn instinctively knows when to hide.
His home was blown away for months now, he may not even grasp the understanding of a family anymore.  So as he was on his way to another spot to spend the night.  He heard the sound of planes flying by.  He started to move faster and faster and when the bomb alarm started, he was almost at a good hiding spot.  Moving trough the debris wasn’t easy and he felt overjoyed that he only had to go a few more meters.  But then without warning he was stuck.  A pain sprung up from his right leg.  Robyn turned around to look what caused the pain.  But there is nothing to be seen.  He tries to move along, but something seems to be pulling his leg.  The pain made him scream.  At the hiding space a few turn around, encouraging hem to hurry.  Tears come to Robyn’s eyes, he can’t move, but there is nothing there.  As the sound of the bombardment is coming closer, he get’s more frantically.  Pulling his leg, trying to scream for help, but what is actually holding him back?


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