A challenge 4 U

It’s October and busy I know, but it’s scary silent out there.  Especially seeing how…..          (wait for it)     ….

 the NANO relaunch just happened!!!

Yup, I get it not everyone is as hipped about it as I am.

I stayed up for the relaunch of the site yesterday.  And seeing my face this morning, it might not have been my best decision yet.  To be fair, my eldest was going on nightly adventures and daughter dear, was dreaming up her fairytales out loud.  They might have had a hand in this zombie-wised mom. (is that the right way to say it?)
Better look at it from a more positive side, I do fit in with the Halloween theme!!  (ha  hi  ho)  Haven’t lost my bad sense of humor, have I?

Speaking of Halloween, I have another challenge for you.

Think up a title for a short story with a horrific ring about it. After listing them up.  Give one sentence on what it could be about.  Share it with others it’s funny and inspiring as well

Good luck and good writing!