Will you Halloween my fairy tale?

I was talking to a friend about my love for fairy tales.  And found myself a good topic in them for our Halloween month.
Seeing how those stories are actually supposed to be for children.  They can be really horrible.

  • Red riding hood, for example, was send by her mother through a dark forest, where a wolf houses, then eaten by it, the wolf was cut open and then refilled with stones.
  • The valiant little tailor, was send to really dangerous places in the hope he wouldn’t return,…
  • The story of blue Beard doesn’t even need to be explained.
  • Snow white, was almost killed by her stepmother three times.
  • Three little pigs are being stalked by the wolf, who wants to eat them.
  • Ali Baba isn’t the most sweetest of them all either.

Lately a lot of them are being filmed, and to be honest those movies, no matter how nice, just don’t do it for me.
And then I found another challenge.

I’m not really all that well known with fan fiction, and I have no idea how it works.  But wouldn’t it be fun to marry one of the stories above, with a scary movie?

How would Cinderella handle a scary movie scene?  Can we exorcise the wicked witch of the west?  Would Hansel and Gretel survive a night of the living dead?  How would Tinkle Bell look, twenty eight days later?

Did you just get and idea, am I scary?

Let me know if you find another good combination or gave it a go.

Happy writing!