About life: Moo moo

I haven’t been posting as much, as I would like.
That’s because I’ve listened to the advice of professionals.  Although that may sound wonderful, it ain’t.
My job counselor  and some other people told, me it would be best to stop breastfeeding.  Seeing how you can’t go anywhere when feeding, I understood their concern.  So I swallowed my mommy feelings and tried to make a well found decision based on pro advice.

My daughter did not agree.  She doesn’t like the powdered milk and hates the bottle tops.  So I have been listening to crying for the last seven days.  Combine that with a three year old, that just saw saint Nics chocolates in the store, and is nagging my head of.  If I need to explain one more time that the ‘good man’ ain’t coming until the 6th of December. And that is because he is still loading his boat filled with  presents for children who are well behaved.  I might have a gigantic error.

I haven’t told you about our nice warm meals yet.  They aren’t around anymore. When I want to go and eat (no matter the time)  She cries.  I think she has a food sensor or something.  i haven’t had warm food in a long time.  Nor did I get a good night sleep. Between feeding a baby and the nightly adventures of my son, finding sleep is in dire need of a treasure map.

I do understand that I am complaining.  But frustration isn’t like a good wine.  It doesn’t get better after bottling and aging.

Oh well, moms duty is calling again.