About life: a solution to kids unfriendly stories

We have this ritual, where we read to our children every evening.  To be able to do this, we bought 2 books with stories.
One of them got us really annoyed.  The first 15 stories, were alright.  But then it started.  About a bird that died and got buried in the garden. About a boy that was crying because he is getting bullied with the girly coat he has to wear from mom.  About pranks with elder people.  I was terrified and appalled that there would be a publisher that would support such stories.  The best part?  It was designated for kids from 3 years old.
When I went back to the bookstore with my book, even the shop-assistant was did not know what to say about it.  He showed his supervisor and the three of us were completely taken away.  Luckily those people were very kind and I got to chose a different book.    The new book is much more appropriate.  I definitely learned to check books before I buy them.

My boyfriend was a bit annoyed by the whole thing.  Saying: “Can’t you write some of your own, so at least someone can enjoy the things you do.”  I did not really enjoy the comment, but he had a point.  So together with my son I’ve been writing new stories.  He gives me ideas and I write  a story.  Later we make pictures together.  It’s fun to do and a good thing to do together.  Best thing of all?  My son loves our main character so much that he can’t stop talking about him.

Now all I have to do is get better at drawing, cause these are a bit embarrassing.  Anyway, meet Robbe Robot.



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