Nanowrimo is comming

10 days to Nano.

And I have been chatting to my co-Wrimos in the Flanders section.  Wish I could go to the kickoff.  But it’s just not possible with the kids and well, it’s not really that close to home.  It doesn’t matter, I’ve met some nice people who enjoy the evening chat sessions as much as I do.

All in all, I am ready for another try at the 50.000 words.  I doubt I will get there, but at least I’l do everything I can.  Every word counts. So I’ve been preparing as much as possible.  To be honest it’s not going grand.  I’m so tired and need a lot of energy just to stay awake.  Combining kids and work and health and writing, what was I thinking.
The countdown made me feel anxious.  Talking about it make it feel real.  Let’s see how we do right?

Anyway, haven’t participated yet?  Then there’s still time. This is why you should give it a go:

It’s fun to meet others, if you get stuck, someone will kick your…, You get to write ….a lot, you can check your progress, There are fun tips and tricks everywhere, when you win (50.000 words) you get fun prizes and a good feeling about yourself, you can find out about materials and programs that help you, you can go to meet others in person, do write inns, have word wars, …..

no reason not to join!!

Good luck and good writing!!