My little Hero

My days are chaos.  Not because my agenda is a total wreck no, my 3 year old boy is a never empty vessel of energy.  Today however, he makes me smile.

He is playing very nicely and while running around yelling alamr, alamr!  It’s hard for me to keep a straight face.

A few weeks ago our local fire station had an open day.  And look at him now, it’s must have left a huge impact on him.   So even though I am having fits of dizziness, I find it to be a very nice day.

But it does not end there.  He comes in often to check up on his mom. Asking if I’m alright or helping me up and giving me kisses to make me feel better.  He cheers his baby sister up when she is crying and helps out around the house.

It has been hard on him.  We are having a more difficult time and he was not handling it well.  But today I find myself falling in love withe sweet little boy all over again. I wonder how time is able to fly so fast.  And progress seems to go so slow.  Anyway, this must be a very proud moment for any mom.  But I feel blessed! My little hero!

Maybe I should write him a fireman story, I’ll have to think of something new and funny.  Any ideas are welcome.
oktober 049 oktober 051 oktober 055 oktober 059


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