The real CountDown

One week until NaNoWriMo.
We are having the Kick off in Antwerp today.
I can’t go, I’m on mommy duty, while dad has a competition with the dog.  But I’ll be chatting as much as I can.
I like our ML a lot.  She tries so hard, while struggling with health issues like mine.  That is something amazing I believe.  So I’d like to thank her properly after this Nano.  I’ll think of something.

this year it seems like the chat and the forum are slow to be honest.  I’ve been trying to get some reactions but,…. nothing
That being said, I look forward to another month of writing.  I’m hoping it will go well.  So as of today the real countdown has started.

Do you have your survival kit ready, or are you still questioning what needs to be put in?