A body that keeps up with writing

After holding baby Eleanor and Dietmar, my arms are getting tired.  Eleanor has had a difficult day.  I sometimes wonder with her: shouldn’t baby’s sleep and eat and poo and sleep and sleep,…?

Anyway, sitting on my chair writing a few new summary’s, I feel the pain in my wrists, arms, shoulders and back.  Maybe I should do some stretching before I start writing.  Sounds ridiculous, but I think it might actually help.

Writing is hard work isn’t it.  you think and write and block all other things out. And once every hour you should get up replenish your drink and food supply.  I strongly recommend doing that yourself so you at least stretch your legs for a moment.

Many other Wrimo’s wright on their bed, or in the sofa, and that is just not an option for me.  (I’d probably just fall asleep) So I’m looking for other ways to make myself comfortable.  I know already that I need a blanket for when the heating stops working.  And I love a heating pad on my back.

Are there any more tips on how to make sure that my body keeps up with my writing?