Soundboards for writing

With only one week to go, and not enough time to prep.  I had to put the ‘Maven-project’ on the shelf for now.  Disappointing yes, but changing to bottles and my boyfriend firm going under, it was just a bit too much.

I a hurry I went looking for another project.
I have this big map with all of my hand written stories, and prep material, reading a lot of them got me really exited about at least three.  One has three chapters of prep, so I chose to go with that one..

a long time ago, I started a series of story’s.  There are four of them at this moment and I even have some Ideas for a fifth one.  To be honest only one is ready to be in the stage of editing, and at the moment  I am a bit out of love with that one.  So I picked up the second story, that moves along with the children of the main characters from my first.

I read 3 whole chapters of preparation, and got filled up with ideas.  However, I suddenly got stuck, thinking (and here’s one of my more common, problems when writing) I don’t know, where it should be going.  Some say outlining in scenes, could help, But that stiffens my story too much (I believe). Talking to my fellow Wrimo’s I got some really good advice.

And that made me wonder, a soundboard is really good.  Someone who helps you fill the holes, asks questions you haven’t asked yourself, and helps you when stuck.  Trouble is I need to change my prep work a bit and maybe ad some.  This can be hard cause I do write chronologically.

Anyway I hereby declare that every writer should be able to ask someone to be their soundboard.  And that I will never say no, when asked to be one for someone.   That I will cherish the experience and use it wholeheartedly in my writing if I feel they add loads of value.  I will recognize their efforts when and if I ever finds something worthwhile publishing, by giving them the rights to chose the name of the firstborn of my lead.

Bet you did not expect that!

Tell me about your soundboard experiences, …