On a worldtour around the NaNoWrinternet

It’s hard to get my pencil to writing this morning, so I was browsing around the web for other fools like me participating. As I was reading the many, many, many, things people wrote about (the almost here yay) NaNoWriMo, I realized that many of them feel the same way, or have the same preservation’s.

You see, I think the fifty K mark is a very steep mountain to climb.  (counting the kids and my health in the math (sorry can’t find the right word for that)  )  wrote : Ja ist denn schon November?  (please read It’s English)
The most important part to me is that I’m not alone.  Even people who are far, far, far away, have troubles, feel anxious, are nervous just as I do.  And that on it’s own is indeed a very INTERNaNoWriMo feeling.

The NaNoWriMo Survival Guide for Parents by Tamara from orangepondconnects.  Gave me a big smile, thinking how hard it can be just to concentrate while have a little darlings running around the house.  On the other hand I must say they give me a lot of inspiration.  I recently wrote a whole bunch of bedtime stories, with the funny things my boy comes up with.

My mind is racing – in the wrong direction  by Dave S. Koster, talks about switching between projects.  (Work and NaNo prep)  And I find myself in a similar position.  True, I don’t have a job except being a mom, but my volunteer job (teaching others how to use computer and internet) is starting next week, and yes, so is NaNoWriMo.   So the two are a bit conflicting, but I will definitely manage.  And I bet he will feel a lot better soon.

These are just a few of the many things I read today, and people I visited.  Do I feel inspired?  I let you know later on.
Do you have any interesting people I would want to meet, let me know!