Me my mo monsters!

Let’s talk about monsters!
They don’t get nearly enough attention.  Some crawl under your bed to scare you and others just run around your house and wreck your whole interior.  But the fact is that some might scare you more then others do.   Unless you are a very strong hero in a totally ridiculous soot.  Then you wouldn’t be scared of anything, would you?

Apparently my monsters are small, cute and not scary unless you are a toy.  My son’s monsters reside under his bed and are fluffy and have whiskers.  You will never guess, but my little hero is scared of bunny’s.  Why they would be under his bed, or eat him, I don’t know.
My daughter, well she is too small to be really conscious of any monster, lucky her.  And then there’s my dog, he is scared of fireworks.  The freak him out so much, we can’t leave on new years eve.  And last but not least I like to think my boyfriend is not scared of anything.  He is like a hero to all of us.
Do you have a monster you’re scared of?

But seriously monsters are no small feat, and what really defines them?  They don’t look the same, they don’t do the same thing, so when is a monster a monster?    Do they have one or two eyes, are they always scary, or can they be very fluffy and sweet in the day, only to be monstrous at night?    Maybe they are just misunderstood?!

In my day to day writing, I don’t use monsters.  But in my children stories, I might just think about using a child friendly monster.  I would need a good name for it.  Can you give e some ideas?

Anyway, on this Halloween day, I want to wish you lot’s of fun, not too many scary sightings and some scary writing!


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