Mi My Mo monster poëtry

7 days before
the eve of Halloween 
6 monsters are born
some blue, some red, some green

5 will become scary
and frighten everyone
4 will help another
and teach how it is done

3 long days later
 they have to do a test
2 will then showdown
to see which one is best

1 little monster
is different in every way
instead of scaring children
he just wants to play

2 wings on his back
soft feathers on his head
does not like running off
he snuggles up instead

3 buttons on his belly 
in the brightest color pink
4 tails on his bottom
with the ability to shrink

5 dots on his cheek
in the shape of a heart
6 toes on his feet
make him fast at the start

7 rainbow colors
take turns on his fur
the cutest of monsters

that                       ever                   were.

So if on Halloween you find
no monster beneath your bed
you might be really lucky 
and find the cute one instead