Ready steady delete

November first is almost running low on fuel and I have never really been running on full capacity, but i’m very happy to say that I have written my first 2000 words.  I feel rather happy, seeing how I used the delete button on my first 500 from last night.  As I read it this morning, I realized that something was wrong.  It was unreadable.  Halve sentences, new words, …  I didn’t even laugh wile reading it.

Doesn’t mean that it was useless.  The ideas were there, and lucky me, I still knew where I wanted to go to.  So early this morning while the kids, were still waking up, I wrote them again.    Does that mean This will be my final for day one.  Hmm, I still have half an hour.  Let’s make it count

How did you do?

GOOD LUCK ON DAY 2  and happy writing!