The day I moved past 10K!

No idea how I did this but:


yaay 10.000!!

So what’s happening in my story?  My MC was bullied, but she doesn’t know that actually, this guy she thinks is bullying her, can’t get close to her without getting really sick. All thanks to a spell, that’s supposed to save her.
When the guy and his best friend (her brother) go off to the outside world, something happens and magic can no longer be used in that area.  Big problem, because you can’t travel between worlds anymore.  And the portal that they are building is not yet ready.  When a witch hunt for magic and it’s users start, my MC goes bold and proposes to go to the world, to build the city and it’s portal, so they can receive refugees, until the portal is build.  she get’s to go because they can’t reach people by radio or phone.  But they can feel her energy, would that be enough to pack up and go find her?