About my day

Today I was at my volunteer job.  Most people who visit us there, are 50 + years.  All of them where conversing over the events that happened over the past few days.  And horrible as it all is, I do not wish to spend every waking hour thinking and worrying.  But something really touched me today.

When this lovely elderly lady came sitting close to me, she started talking about how this all reminded her about WWII.
She was still young then, and often frightened, but she felt that there is a different kind of fright now.

Maybe it’s because the news she said.  Giving all kinds of details we should maybe not know.  Her hand trembled and I suddenly felt the urge to hold it.  Instead I sat next to her and we listened.  She had been afraid for foreigners all her life.  But now the world has changed, she said. The one we should be afraid of are our own countrymen.

I had no response.  I did not.  I have never been afraid or ashamed to say that I am from Belgium.  But lately,…

“I thought after the Germans, we would all become more human.” She said, almost feeling tears would appear in her eyes.    But apparently even now we are divided by a our Gods and Demons.   The mood felt gloom and grey.  And I did not feel equipped to lift it.

When my boyfriend walked in with my son on his hand and daughter on his arm.  I saw her smile for the first time.  Just the site of two little kids, running for their mom (well, one.  Eleanor is still too young), made her bright.  I felt relieved the nice lady would not go home without having smiled once.

I hope I will see her next week and I hope I will be able to grant her a smile again.  Because she is far to sweet to be reminded of the bad things that might happen.