An update and question.

Day 20 of NaNoWriMo and here’s an update on my story:

My MC has finally had her first kiss.  It only took her 40 K to get there, but she was enjoying the experience.  Ten minutes later, she realizes that she did not get the sign she should have gotten, after forming a bond with her Soul mate.  What does that mean, do they not love each other enough, are they not meant to be or does the spell still have some power over the two of them.  (really I’m not sure) Realizing that the one chance she has, to be like a ‘normal’ Vates,  just made her different yet again, makes her fall apart.   No more hero-face, no more dusting off and moving on,…

Meanwhile, Reiko, her soulmate to be.  Is on his way out of the hidden city.  Word has reached them, that there will be a public process at the square of one of the neighboring towns.
The Interwelt king has decided to assemble a team to send out and check the Temperature out of the city in the mountain forest.

So at 40692 words I get stuck.  The only thing I can imagine about a public process, is far too middle ages colored to my liking.  But I just can’t seem to get my head around the idea that these kind of actions are just that, old fashioned and barbaric.  But then again it is some kind of modern witch hunt.  So I’m thinking long and hard about what’s about to come,cause it’s a difficult topic for me.

A person that doesn’t write fantasy, told me just to write what I want, cause anything is game in fantasy.  And that kinda hit me the wrong way.  I rather don’t use things that are absolutely not possible.  I think about what materials to use, and if it could (maybe not yet) be used in any way.  So the feeling that I got from her was, that fantasy writers are lazy and magically make answers appear. But to me it’s all about not making stuff magically happen.  I want it to be believable (to me), so I do research and look up stuff.  I agree that I am creative with all of the above, but then that is my forte.

How do you feel about the balance between making stuff up and using reality?