The Vates Series

I wanted to tell you something more about my project.  I have been writing this series for some time.  And it has been resting for a long time.  But since I’ve written part two during Nano, my fascination for it has come back.

It’s called (work title): The Vates Series
I wrote the first story almost six years ago, at the beginning of my health crisis.  But then the next stories, where all bits and pieces off ideas.  In total there are five, I might write a new first though 🙂  I don’t know.

The thing is, only now, while talking about the project, working on part two, I started deepening the story and the world that I have created.  I need to rewrite part one completely.  So that will be on the agenda  for who knows when.  I don’t feel like doing it yet, but maybe I should try doing it for Camp nano this year.

I haven’t written the end of part two.  Seeing how the first one really sucked, I feel reluctant to start on the second.  So I was thinking that while starting part three I could get more ideas for the ending of part two.
I hear you thinking trough time and place: “How the hell do you write and ending after your start the next one?”

The series does not really happen in the same time, with the same characters.  In stead it moves on to a new generation.  So in the first I wrote about Eleni, the second was off her daughter Ona, and part three spreads the story of Ona’s daughter Ruya, the one after about a girl called Alexis,…  The one constant is that they all follow the Princess Vates.  It is a title and and power handed down from mother to daughter.

Now the next thing I might need to explain is what a Vates is.  I promise to do that soon.

Mommy duty is calling very lovingly