Vates series (2)

As I promised an explanation of who or what a Vates is.

What is a Vates?

  • Female person, that has roots in the world called Interweld
  • Is genetically handed down from mother to daughter
  • Can not use magic powers on her own.
  • The condition  (magic) is triggered by the forming of an emotional bond between Vates candidate and soul partner (often a first kiss).  The bonding goes together with the ‘burning’ a Vates sign and the warm feeling of a blue light.
  • Vates pull their powers from that bond and the other person, but can also send it back to them it is however limited to the nature and depth of their bond and the amount of power one owns

Sign of Vates bond

  • Vates, has a (usually blue) tattoo-like sign on her neck
  • The soul partner has one on their heart (chest)
  • The sign has a specific drawing, that symbolizes the coming together of these two souls
  • The sign grows larger, every time the bond grows deeper (it spreads over the cheek and arm.
  • A candidate Vates has a stone.  Usually is is a crimson red color.  It is able to light up when touched by candidate soul partner and afterwords often given to the soulmate to be embedded in a weapon or jewel.

What kind of magic do they use / Powers

  • Vates are able to use telepathic communication with their partners. It is however a one way street unless it is a deviation.
  • Vates can summon things they need.  It is limited to things that she is able to hold in one hand.  She needs to know the exact whereabouts of the object before the summon and knows what it is, what it looks like.
  • She can give her energy (magic) to her partner, trough physical touch (often a kiss because it is easy to imagine breathing more life into someone). This has a healing nature.
  • Trought the Vates stone, a soul partner can summon his Vates’s power, it helps them focus it.
  • If the parents of the Vates (or her partner) have magical powers of their own, then that magic is past down, separate from the Vates powers.
  • They have visions of the future.  They can not control when they come neither what their subject is.  But it always tells them things about the people that surround them.  This future is not necessary placed in stone and does not always give a clear view.

I hope this explains the does, and don’ts about my characters called Vates.

I might have forgotten something, …  I will adjust later 🙂

See you soon with more on my project