The villain

Many a story needs an antagonist, a villain.  As you can see, some of them have very striking features. The question is, are they really evil, or do they just do wrong?  We don’t really walk in their shoes, and if we do it’s for a costumed party.

So maybe it’s good to get to know him/her a little better. Talk to them.
Find out if he or she is just a normal person like you and me, or maybe they are just a tad more crazy. Who knows, they might have a valid goal, or perhaps their parents never taught them right from wrong.

See how they spend their days.  Do they plot from breakfast?  Do they pay their worker bees very well?  Are they actually very sensitive, what is their favourite movie, do they cry when Bambi’s mother dies, …  Ask yourself the most ridiculous questions about this person on the other side of the line, and make sure you know their deepest,… darkest secrets.

Do you really want to portray the side of them that has traces of humanity in them? That is up to  you, put they might be more normal then you think. Having breakfast with the kids, and diner with the in-laws. Celebrating Christmas or going to the movies.

And then find out why they are hated, not just on the surface, but really look at it from close up.

Did you do all that?

Did your antagonist grow any bigger?