Grand opening

How many times have you written, deleted and rewritten your first sentence?

Those first few words on a page can be the hardest of them all.  Not only are they the kick off for hours of writing/reading pleasure, they grab the attention, put everything in motion.

Here are some first sentences from books I’ve read.

  • Locked in darkness that surrounded me like a coffin, there was nothing to distract me from my memories.
  • The hot air pressed against my face as I entered the glass factory.
  • I’d seen weirder things than a haunted shoe… but not many.
  • I couldn’t breathe.
  • It was an odd-looking vine.
  • They were in the smoky mountains at their favourite bed-and-breakfast.

Learn from writers who came before you and analyse their first sentences.
Does one pique your interest more than another?  Is it because of the mystery it reveals?  Do you feel transported into the story?  Does it paint you a mental picture?  Look for what makes it interesting to you and use that for your writing.