December challenge 6

Change the point of view.

  • Narrator (3rd person omniscient)

Once upon a time, a young girl wanted to write a story.  As her pencil moved to the page, Timmy popped his head around the corner.  With an amazing strength he hurled a fridge at the girl.  She, shocked, but alert, jumped out of the way, but fell out of the window.  Luckily her fall was broken, by a large pile of baby-bird-yellow, fluffy pillows.

  • 3rd person limited

David walked in, he saw a girl in the corner of the room, pointing a pencil at a page.  When suddenly Timmy showed up, David took two steps back.  The fridge Timmy was carrying gave him an uncomfortable feeling.  And soon it was clear that his caution was not unwarranted. David saw the fridge flying true the air and a scream escaped his lips.  The girl looked up, horrified, in a thoughtless moment she jumped out of the way.  But David’s dismay did not lessen as she had jumped out of the window.  He ran to the window, hoping for some kind of miracle.  As he opened his eyes, he saw a large pile of baby-bird-yellow, fluffy pillows and in the middle of it, safe and sound was the girl.  A freaked out, nervous breakdown laugh could be heard from far away as David released his tension.

  • 1st person

As I put pen onto paper, I suddenly feel the urge to look up.  I see Timmy coming at me with a fridge. Shocked by that sight, my body reacts on its own, and jumps out of the way.  My mind suddenly realizes that I had just jumped out of a window and the seconds going down feel like forever.  I’m almost saying my farewell when a large pile of baby-bird-yellow, fluffy pillows, soften my landing.  I sigh and can not help but feel alive.

How did you like that?  Can you do the same?